Top 5 Social Media Trends in 2019!

What will be the most important Social Media trends in 2019 for brands and businesses? We crafted for you the top 5 of what we think is going to shape Social Media in 2019.

Social Media Trend 1 : Video, Video and Video !

The future is definitely video. Youtube fast-growing video platform, Facebook encouraging rich media through big organic reach and the emergence of video on Instagram with IGTV, the 12 seconds, 10 minutes and up to one hour format are huge opportunities to bloggers, brands, consultants and everyday people to raise their voices and claim their identity online.

Our founder, Digital Marketing expert Ines NASRI, says that despite the easiness of video content consumption, brand video content is extremely important when it comes to building authority and trust with customers. With a great informative professional video, the potential customer will be able to form a relationship with the business or brand even if it is in a non-live experience and will be more likely to reach out to the sales people.

Social Media Trend 2: More Smartphone-quality videos

Finally, marketers are going to be able to use videos made with smartphones for their brand content and provide great content, the kind that their consumers are waiting for… without harming their brand equity. This type of video makes brands more approachable, more human-like and trustworthy too.

Social Media Trend 3: Chatbots … I see Chatbots everywhere

Chat apps offer huge business opportunities for marketers. With All-Star apps like Facebook Messenger, the world’s largest mobile messaging app with more than 1.3 billion monthly active users, there is no way digital marketers can ignore this new fast-growing channel to connect to potential customers. Moreover, Facebook Messenger and other chatbots have awesome open rates and are one of the most effective ways to reach and build audience engagement.

In 2019, it’s high time to start chat with your existing and potential clients whenever it is possible.

Social Media Trend 4: UGC is simply KING!

UGC is user-generated content or also known as user-created content. In 2019, UGC will be more than relevant for brands who want to build brand credibility and a powerful tool for marketers who will make brand equity a priority. UGC helps marketers develop a perception for potential consumers that the brand has the ability, expertise, willingness and trustworthiness to continuously deliver what has been promised.

Nothing better than having a former consumer telling a potential client what it feels like being the customer of the XYZ brand. All types of expensive advertising and displays are brand produced content and have less credibility than UGC.

So … think about it and seriously consider UGC for your Social Media Strategy in 2019!

In 2019, UGC will be your brand best friend.

Social Media Trend 5: Actionable metrics … the new language

Still don’t speak the actionable metrics language? It is high time you learn a new language.

Actionable Metrics are metrics that correlate actions with direct outcomes/results for a business. These important metrics can be tied to business income. In Social Media, it is high time to stop considering vanity metrics ( Number of fans, number of likes, …) as the major indicators in your strategy

Important social media metrics that track customer direct interest in your products, conversation with your customers about your services or locations, how to buy and more are truly much more important. They can be metrics linked to monthly engaged conversations ratios, monthly action button hits… and much more!

Major take away for your Social Media Marketing in 2019