Online Masterclass Empowers Singaporean

Online Masterclass Empowers Singaporean SMEs to Break into the U.S. Market

The recent Masterclass for Singaporean SME’s offered helpful insights on storytelling, digital marketing, and influencer partnerships through expert panelists they can use to help them become competitive once they break into the U.S. market.

The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) is the leading business chamber in Singapore. This organization has championed the interests of Singapore’s business community since its establishment in 2002. Representing over 27,000 companies, SBF advocates fair trade, investment opportunities, and positive industrial relations to promote a thriving business environment for its members. 

On March 27, 2024, SBF, as part of its range of services in supporting Singaporean businesses, organized, through its Global Connect @SBF initiative, an exclusive Online Marketing Masterclass for Singaporean SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) with ambitions to crack the U.S. market. 

Ines Nasri, with her experience helping international companies establish a strong online presence and expand into the U.S. market, served as a panelist at this event, along with Sharon Y. Sim of SKC PR, and Daisy Enggina from Gushcloud International. This online Masterclass provided Singaporean SMEs with a powerful tool to equip them with marketing strategies and insights they need to be successful.

Breaking through the noise in the crowded U.S. marketplace

This Masterclass addresses the challenges faced by many Singaporean businesses venturing into the U.S. Whether they need help gaining traction or are curious about the winning strategies of their U.S. competitors, this program offers a roadmap to navigate the American market.

This Masterclass is specifically designed for promising Singaporean SMEs, ensuring the content directly addresses their needs and considerations. Participants will gain valuable knowledge across three key areas:

  • Storytelling Strategies for Business Success

Participants learned about mastering the art of brand storytelling to forge a deep connection with the American audience. They learned from real-world examples, such as a China-based air purifier company’s successful U.S. launch fueled by compelling brand storytelling that led to inbound interest from American distributors.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Essentials for Expanding into the US Market

Participants also learned about demystifying the complexities of the U.S. digital landscape with tailored strategies. From unlocking the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to conducting insightful digital audits, this session provided them with the tools to make their brand shine online in the U.S.

  • Supercharging Reach through Influencer Marketing

The effect of strategic influencer partnerships was also discussed, along with how companies can leverage these to amplify brand visibility and credibility through authentic and engaging content. The success story of an Asian skincare brand that transformed itself into a household name in the U.S. through effective influencer marketing served as an inspiration.

Excellent Reception Among Singaporean SMEs

The Masterclass proved to be an invaluable opportunity for Singaporean SMEs. Tailored strategies specifically addressed the unique challenges and opportunities faced when entering the U.S. market. Participants received actionable insights and practical tools to implement immediately and achieve tangible results. The high level of engagement, with insightful questions flowing into extra time, highlighted the participants’ thirst for knowledge and the Masterclass’ success in addressing that need.

Conquering The U.S. Market 

The recent Masterclass offered helpful insights on storytelling, digital marketing, and influencer partnerships. Through expert panelists, foreign investors can gain valuable information that they can use to help them become competitive once they break into the U.S. market from Day 1. If you have questions and want guidance to turn your U.S. ambitions into reality, Contact Ines  and her team here