Mosaique FM

“Dezz J’aime” By Midox.

Mosaïque FM (pronounced Mosaic in English) is the first private radio station in Tunisia. It also has the largest audience in the whole country.
“Dezz J’aime” is a weekly magazine, which puts the spot onsocial media trends and discovers the secrets of generations Y and Z. The most followed Youtubers are always present, live tests, celebrity news, and more.
The show also covers the most significant events in high schools and universities and has amazing live interaction with Facebook spectators.
Ines was invited to the show to present her vision of the coming “Tunisia Digital Day 2018” and its program and explain why the youngest generations should care about technology disruptions and how it will impact their personal and professional lives in the future. Listen to the podcast and share your thoughts below!

Ines in other Media.

Ines Nasri in the media