Los Angeles Digital Day – Are you on the list?

Hi everyone!

This is Ines coming to you from downtown Los Angeles. I want to shoot this video to personally invite you to attend LA Digital Day, the COVID-19 edition. Los Angeles Digital Day is an event that was supposed to take place in Los Angeles in September 2020. With everything that is going on, I saw that the event is needed right NOW, not in September! We don’t know what the world will look like in September 2020. L.A. Digital Day is definitely needed right now!

I want you to know that this is an event that is result-oriented, like all my events, we will not try to have any fluff. We are going to provide you with actionable takeaways, and you will walk away with strategies that you can start applying right away after leaving each webinar.

This year we have a lineup of amazing speakers, so we have, for instance, executive coaches like Jen Mattiola. She is going to talk about how to choose your strategy. We will not provide you with any new strategies. There are so many strategies all over the Internet now, but she’s going to talk to you and help you with how to choose your own strategy. There is no one size fits all strategy. Jen knows that, and she’s going to help us choose the best strategy.

We will have Derrick, who is an IT security specialist, he will help you check if your company is ready for any kind of crisis. Eileen will help us with pivoting because some companies are not going to be able to go back to the way they used to earn money. Companies might change their business model or look for new ways to make money. So Eileen is definitely the right person for that kind of topic.

We will have Klaudia, who is going to help us get unstuck! If we’re stuck somewhere and need help, that’s a session you can afford to miss. I have friends that are business owners and CEOs; sometimes, they’re stuck and, they don’t know which direction to go what to do. There are so many options and not enough time and not enough resources.

Antony is the CEO of a startup in Los Angeles ( Santa Monica), he is going to talk about ways to use AR ( Augmented Reality) for brand activation and how to keep brands on top of mind. Especially that people are now at home and using the Internet and Social Media like never before.

Emna will guide us through productivity. She will provide us with actionable tips, as usual, to help us make the most out of our workday while working from home. We know that this is a new situation for many of us. There are many other exciting topics. I don’t want to make this invitation too long, but definitely, try to make it!

I believe that these workshops are going to be extremely useful for many people so if you are interested in this kind of topics, click on the link below and the sea on the other side https://inesnasri.com/events/