Tunisia AR/VR Community is finally here!.

“Kapitalis” is an important informative website. It is ranked among the first 20 most visited online media channels in Tunisia. It published a great article about the birth of Tunisia AR/VR Community-created and launched by Ines.
The Purpose of the community is to gather and federate the Tunisian community of technology lovers, marketers, developers, academics, and industrialists around augmented reality and virtual reality.
It also aims to promote virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and 3D interaction in all their aspects: teaching, research, studies, developments, applications, and marketing.
Moreover, it provides a suitable platform for communication between those interested in these areas, which is also important and opens doors for learning.
To make the members of this community benefit from collective know-how, Ines organizes as often as possible events. She promotes internship opportunities and job offers in AR and VR fields.

Ines in other Media.

Ines Nasri in the media