Ines Nasri at SelectUSA 2023: Empowering Entrepreneurs and Inspiring Startup Success

Ines Nasri at SelectUSA 2023: Empowering Entrepreneurs and Inspiring Startup Success

SelectUSA 2023, organized by the U.S. Department of Commerce, promotes foreign direct investment (FDI) in the United States. The event drew 4,900+ attendees from various sectors, including 2,300+ foreign investors.

Representatives from all 55 U.S. states and territories showcased collaboration opportunities. Governors, cabinet secretaries, and White House officials also participated.


With 83 international markets represented, the summit solidified its status as a premier investment destination, supported by 21 U.S. Ambassadors and Chiefs of Mission. The presence of 600+ economic development organization representatives emphasized public-private collaboration for economic growth.

Ines’s Participation in the SelectUSA 2023 Investment Summit

Ines participated in this year’s highly anticipated SelectUSA event as a speaker in a panel discussion. The panel discussion was about sharing success stories and insights about what it takes for startups to be successful in the U.S.

As a longtime mentor and speaker, and as a part of her commitment to providing business leaders’ education, Ines’s insightful contributions and empowering messages resonated with attendees, especially among startup founders from all over the world.

As a panelist, Ines engaged the audience with compelling success stories and thought-provoking discussions on shared stories about her experiences, her mindset, and key factors contributing to remarkable business outcomes.

She emphasized the crucial role of resilience, the value of having the right partner, the importance of continuous self-education, and the personal aspects of decision-making when venturing into the US market. Ines’s engaging panel discussions inspired attendees, who eagerly absorbed her wealth of experience and knowledge.


Throughout the summit, Ines actively participated in various events that shaped the investment landscape.

Notably, she attended a captivating panel discussion focused on selecting the ideal location for investments in the United States. This enlightening session shed light on the intricate decision-making processes involved in such crucial business endeavors.

In addition to her speaking engagements, Ines demonstrated her unwavering commitment to empowering women in the tech industry. Through sharing her expertise and experiences, Ines made a tangible impact, helping these talented individuals overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the fast-paced tech sector.

Her involvement as a mentor in the Select Global Women in Tech program, led by the U.S. Department of Commerce, further showcased her dedication to nurturing startups and emerging entrepreneurs, especially women business leaders who seek to invest in the U.S.


Her inspiring stories, strategic insights, and ongoing commitment to supporting entrepreneurs helped enlighten panel attendees from foreign investors and business leaders from different parts of the world. Ines contributions align with global efforts to foster international collaboration and highlight the significance of investment in various sectors.