How to Pick the Right Strategy in Crisis Times? | For your Life and Business!

2020 Vision In The COVID-19 Crisis: How to pick the right strategy?


2020 Vision In The COVID-19 Crisis: How to pick the right strategy?


During this Workshop, we shared tips on how to choose the right strategy and succeed in your business and life in this COVID-19 crisis.

Before choosing the strategy during a crisis, you must ask yourself 2 questions:

    1. 1- What is your biggest challenge now?
    1. 2- What is affecting your mindset the most?


Any business can be faced with a crisis:

Often, you don’t have any control over those situations. This doesn’t mean that you can’t turn those situations into opportunities to:

  • Improve your strategy and our business,
  • Get closer to your customers and reassure them,
  • Identify what you most enjoy doing at the end of it all.

And especially during the crisis, leadership should be hopeful, positive, and realistic.

The most important thing you’d like to achieve by the end of the crisis must be SMART.

Here are the criteria that a good goal must meet:


In this video, Jen shares:

  • 3 performance-based projects
  • The steps to make your goal achievable,
  • How to create and maintain a structure
  • What do you need to be successful?
  • How do you position yourself to succeed?

Like a big bowling ball, the COVID-19 went on strike in our projections for 2020.

To overcome this crisis, the implementation of a well-studied strategy allows you to maintain your current operations and achieve your objectives.

It is therefore important to see the definition of objectives as a global approach. In other words, we don’t fix it in minutes! Take the time to properly assess your situation and question the relevance and realism of each objective.

Once you have completed a good thinking process, you can crystallize your goals by setting clear goals. You can then validate your objectives by ensuring that they meet a few key criteria.

About Jennifer Mattiola:

Jen worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years, managing sales teams and distribution for global apparel companies in both Canada and the US.

She left the corporate world in 2010 and created a sustainable leather handbag line made ethically with Fair Trade partners from recycled and remnant leather.

In 2018, she sold the handbag company and started a coaching business focused on helping entrepreneurs and executives get unstuck and out of their own way of success. This allows them to become better leaders so that they can inspire and create highly effective teams in their organization.

As a Mindset and Leadership Coach, she supports and empowers people with focus and clarity to their strategy and execution so that it cultivates lasting growth and fulfillment, both in their professional and personal lives.

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