Fans, Followers ! Are they your future Customers?

On Social media, whenever you start tracking a metric ask yourself if it helps you take action and make smart decisions.

If not, ditch it. Thousands of web page views and social media likes may make you feel good, but they can be a mirage, a distraction that gives you a false sense of accomplishment. By focusing on actionable metrics and higher-quality leads, you can convert inflated vanity numbers into viable actionable metrics that really speak to your company.

Actionable metrics are numbers that help

You answer the questions about the future of your business, metrics that tell you something about (potential) client behavior and that have a close relationship to your marketing and sales funnel. Essentially, actionable or operational metrics motivate actions that lead to measurable results in growth and profits.

We gathered for you, some examples of what we consider as actionable metrics:

  • Engagement metrics: These numbers show how people are interacting with your content. Engagement Rate: is the number of engagement actions combined (likes, shares, comments) a post receives relative to your total number of followers.
  • Amplification Rate: is the ratio of shares per post to the number of overall fans.
  • Virality Rate: is the number of people who shared your post relative to the number of unique views ( impressions)
  • Conversion metrics: These numbers demonstrate the effectiveness of your social engagement.
  • Conversion rate: is the number of visitors who, after clicking on a link in your post, take action on a page (subscribe to your newsletter; download a gated content asset; call the number, reserve) against that page’s total visitors.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): is how often people click on the call-to-action link in your post.
  • Conversation Rate: is the ratio of conversations engaged with customers inbox on your Social Media presence, whether it is a Facebook page, a twitter account…
  • Customer metrics: These numbers reflect how your active customers think and feel about your brand.Customer Testimonials are any customer reviews, comments, or interviews relating to a brand.
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSat) Score: is a metric that measures how happy people are with your product or service.

Other precious actionable metrics that we love at WebPower can be literally customized metrics that speak to your particular business like a number of appointments, the number of phone calls from clients coming from your Social Media, Number of Demos …It is important that you see actionable results with your social media marketing strategy. This is why we always focus on important social media metrics when creating a strategy for our clients and we know when to use witch metrics for what purpose.

If you need help creating your digital strategy or determining how to analyze your social media metrics.