Digital transformation in the insurance industry: a 50 years old company case study!

COMAR, one of the biggest insurance companies in Tunisia and North Africa, will be celebrating its 50th years of success in 2019. On its 50th anniversary, COMAR has launched a massive digital transformation project and sought the assistance of the best and most experienced experts in the field of digital transformation in the region.

The company invited Ines to give a training session in its headquarter, titled “Insurance Sector: Local and International Digital Intelligence”, the training session was directed to and attended by numerous managers and heads of strategic departments in the insurance company.

Ines addressed one of the major challenges in the insurance business over the years, which is convincing the newer generations to take out insurance. This issue takes an entirely new shape in this digital age. This is due to the accelerating technology, communication advancement and the urgent need for the new generations to be approached by means entirely different than used before.

Being an expert in digital transformation, Ines discussed the need to develop insurance products and the generalization of digital distribution channels, through websites, mobile apps, social networking platforms and more.

The direction and nature of many industries and fields are changing due to the digital nature of our time, and the insurance business, like many others, needs a new, well-defined business model. In the training session, Ines addressed the importance and application of those needs through managers, as they need to help their employees to be able to cope with this age of digital transformation by focusing on individual and collective strengths and performance.

Not only did she discussed methods to “adapt”, but what Ines aimed to was assisting managers and directors to be enablers of this massive digital transformation.

To be able to initiate and master this degree of change, the training session focused on the necessity of knowing and being up to date with technological innovations. Ines also presented and discussed the communication strategy of some of the most powerful international insurance companies on social networks. The performance of insurance companies at the national level on social media was also key in the training session, for the company to be able to assess its performance and its needs.