Branding for Startups for the US Market at the SGWIT’s Link & Learn Series

The Select Global Women in Tech (SGWIT) Program has once again proven its commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs in the tech industry by hosting the second event in its Link & Learn series. 

Among the events supported by the SGWIT is a workshop dedicated to “Branding Yourself and Your Startup for the U.S. Market.” With a focus on assisting entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses into the United States, the workshop featured the insightful guidance of Ines Nasri, a distinguished SGWIT Mentor and successful woman entrepreneur who has firsthand experience in entering and thriving in the US market.

The event took place twice on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, to cater to talented entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts planning to enter the US market worldwide. The initial session, tailored for participants from the Western Hemisphere, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, ran from 1:00 to 2:30pm EDT. Subsequently, the second session, designed for Asia-Pacific participants, occurred from 8:00pm EDT to 9:30pm EDT.

Ines Nasri’s journey of establishing her brand in the U.S. provided the foundation for the event’s discussions. Drawing from her expertise in marketing, personal branding, and social media, she shared invaluable insights on strategies for making a mark in the competitive U.S. business landscape. Her success story served as an inspiration for participants aiming to emulate her achievements.

Accompanying Ines were other esteemed SGWIT mentors who participated in a fireside chat discussion. This open conversation allowed participants to gain diverse perspectives on various aspects of market entry, brand building, and entrepreneurial challenges. The engaging and interactive nature of the event created an atmosphere of collaborative learning and knowledge-sharing.

The workshop encompassed a diverse range of topics that were crucial for entrepreneurs planning to enter the US market:

  1. Challenges Faced by Foreign Companies: Participants delved into the common challenges that foreign companies encounter when venturing into the U.S. market. The discussion provided insights into strategies for overcoming these obstacles and establishing a strong foothold.
  1. Legal and Regulatory Considerations: Foreign companies often encounter unique legal and regulatory challenges while building their brands in the U.S. This session shed light on navigating the complex legal landscape and ensuring compliance.
  1. Timelines and Costs of Market Entry: The workshop also explored the typical timelines and costs associated with market entry projects and brand building. This practical information aided participants in planning their strategies effectively

Following the presentations and fireside chat, participants had the opportunity to engage in further discussions through breakout rooms. These smaller groups provided a platform for informal conversations around the three main topics, enabling participants to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Ines Nasri remarked, “I am beyond thrilled and honored to present at one of the Select Global Women in Tech (SGWIT) Link and Learn events! The enthusiasm and dedication of the attendees truly inspired me and encouraged me to give more and go the extra mile for such a wonderful audience!”

The event showcased the dedication of SGWIT to foster innovation, diversity, and global collaboration in the tech industry. Entrepreneurs from around the world, regardless of their time zones, joined this enriching session, united by the goal of conquering the U.S. market.

With Ines Nasri’s guidance and the collaborative spirit of the SGWIT community, attendees left the event equipped with valuable knowledge and empowered to embark on their journey to conquer the US market.

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