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Succeed in US Market (Ines Nasri: Now a Certified Mentor SCORE Mentor)

Webinar offered insights for foreign investors entering the US market. Experienced entrepreneurs shared success secrets & tackled challenges like cultural differences & finding talent including valuable resources for anyone considering US expansion.

SCORE, is a notable resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration ( Its mission revolves around offering comprehensive support and valuable insights to entrepreneurs, equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive and expand their enterprises. With a strong emphasis on education, mentorship, and community engagement, SCORE plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of American entrepreneurship.

With a robust background in advertising, branding, digital marketing, marketing strategy, PR/media, and technology, Ines Nasri brings a wealth of knowledge to this new role. Her expertise spans diverse areas critical to modern businesses’ success. Whether it’s formulating marketing campaigns, refining brand identities, or leveraging the latest technological advancements, such as AI, Ines is focused on continuous online growth.

As a newly certified mentor and workshop leader, Ines Nasri expressed her enthusiasm for the role: “Becoming a part of SCORE and the Greater Los Angeles Chapter is an honor that allows me to contribute to the growth of local businesses. I am excited to share my expertise and collaborate with fellow industry professionals in making a meaningful impact on the U.S. economy.”

Through its network of experienced mentors and workshop leaders, SCORE provides guidance on various aspects of business, including business planning, marketing strategies, financial management, and more. By tapping into the collective wisdom of seasoned professionals, entrepreneurs gain access to practical advice that can drive their ventures toward success.

The Greater Los Angeles Chapter of SCORE has consistently demonstrated its commitment to supporting local entrepreneurs. By offering workshops, seminars, and one-on-one mentorship opportunities, the SCORE serves as a crucial hub for small business owners. Ines Nasri’s certification further enriches the knowledge and experience available to entrepreneurs seeking guidance.

To become a mentor with SCORE, you need to demonstrate expertise and dedication to your craft and a willingness to help and dedicate time to small business owners. Mentors go through screening interviews and several training certifications before starting to provide mentorship.

For those seeking to benefit from Ines Nasri’s expertise, explore her profile on the SCORE Greater Los Angeles Chapter website: