Augmented Reality potential in Digital Marketing

How to stay on top of mind during this crisis?

How to make your brand’s voice heard in the noise?

What New strategies can you apply to your Digital Marketing?


In this video we share with you Tips about new smart way marketers can use the technology of Augmented Reality in their Digital Marketing Plans.

We explain how AR (Augmented Reality) can drive Brand engagement and Brand love!

Also, we reveal the importance of Influencer Marketing in consumer engagement.

Augmented Reality, a popular and promising trend today, is a technology that allows you to insert a 3D elements in a real environment, among other things.

Augmented Reality can immerse the consumer in the universe of a brand. It offers a strong, memorable, and unique sense of belonging if the experience provided is great and memorable! It also allows consumers, for example, to view a product at home or to try one virtually… the potential of AR is just HUGE!

Consumers today, especially Generation Z, expect highly personalized online experiences. To offer content that matches its target audience, it is essential to focus on the format that best suits them. For example, if interactive stories can be an effective way to communicate with teens, a guided bot shopping experience may be better suited to help adults choose the best gifts for the year.

Augmented reality, which is currently booming, is one of those technologies that provide businesses with a way to significantly improve the quality of the customer experience, both online and in-store. If, at first, we spontaneously associated virtual reality with the field of gaming, today its field of application goes far beyond simple entertainment.

The pretty spectacular immersive worlds offered by this technology allow customers to try a product before buying it. Amazon has patented an online mirror that “dresses” its customers in virtual clothing. Alibaba, its Chinese competitor, another e-commerce giant, offers a virtual shopping experience called Buy +.

About Antony Tran:

CEO/Co-Founder of FoundrySix

Antony is an AR designer and creator with over 200M plays of his AR experiences! Antony was co-Founder of Superworld, one of the first AR Social Networks.

He is a guest lecturer for the USC AR/VR journalism course.

Previously as COO of Melrose Inc, an online jewelry startup, he grew to $12M.

He is also a partner in an advantage card playing team with $20M in winnings. He graduated from UC Berkeley in economics.

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