A Mentoring Success Story with PCV Small Business Advising Program

Mentorship can help entrepreneurs hurdle challenges, & help them realize their full potential to make a real difference in the world. An example is Dr. Michelle Klink who benefited from Ines Nasri’s mentorship through the Pacific Community Ventures.

However, for many business owners, entrepreneurship can also be challenging, especially during times of flux, like the global pandemic.

To overcome strategic roadblocks that emerge from these challenges, entrepreneurs can rely on one key resource: Mentorship.

Pacific Community Ventures (PCV), is a non-profit organization based in Oakland, CA, focused on supporting small business owners and communities work towards economic, racial and gender justice by providing resources and mentorship to help small businesses thrive.

Among PCV’s services, the PCV Small Business Advising Program provides small business owners free, high-quality mentoring beyond the startup phase to help them tackle obstacles and maximize their overall success. 

This initiative helped thousands of small business owners by being paired with a mentor who can provide tailored, hands-on guidance. With her very first mentee, Ines created a success story!

Dr. Michelle Klink, has an impressive background in child development and social policy from Yale University’s Zigler Center, Michell’s passion for education was palpable from the very 1st session.

She uses her expertise in learning challenges and mindset to help teachers optimize student learning and personal happiness.

Armed with a PhD and a wealth of knowledge, Michelle is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of learners across the US. She is certified in Neurolinguistic Programming with a focus on non-violent communication and developed and taught courses in the Neuroscience of (emotional) Trauma for the National Association of Social Workers.

In the wake of the pandemic, Michelle’s work has led to the creation of innovative 360 digital escape rooms. These groundbreaking tools equip students with the skills vital for the ever-evolving landscape of work and are much needed after the pandemic to mitigate its impact on students learning progress.
Dr. Michelle Klink, launched her venture in 2018, was facing strategic challenges with her Digital Marketing and online growth like many small business owners struggling with similar issues, hindering their growth.

Ines Nasri, is a business advisor for the PCV Small Business Advising Program. With Ines Nasri as her mentor, Dr. Klink refined her strategies and overcame challenges to propel her venture forward in a few months. 

Through her mentoring , Dr. Klink’s business underwent a significant transformation. With Ines Nasri’s insightful advice and strategic direction, Dr. Klink revamped her brand, updated her website to enhance her online presence, and created plans for incorporating AI (Artificial Intelligence) in education. Their collaboration empowered Dr. Klink to adapt to changes and seize new opportunities, leading to remarkable growth.

You can read more about their success story here

The partnership between Dr. Klink and Ines Nasri highlight the power of mentoring as an instrumental tool for success. Ines Nasri’s expertise and mentorship played a crucial role in realizing Dr. Klink’s vision and guiding her through structured business development. Together, they tackled obstacles once deemed insurmountable, exploring platforms like YouTube and newsletters to manage the impact of AI on her business.

Ready to Propel Your Own Success Story?

Just like Dr. Michelle Klink, you can leverage the power of expert guidance. The entrepreneurship journey can be challenging, you don’t` have to do it alone. 

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